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CMS is committed to the dream of homeownership, and we realize that sometimes unforeseen situations can cause financial hardships. These hardships can impact the ability to make monthly mortgage payments and may mean that assistance is needed to get back on track. We have a variety of options that may be available to struggling homeowners. Available options and terms vary by the investor and/or insurer of your loan, but, as a general guideline, the options typically include:

  • Disaster Relief – An option to suspend monthly payments for a specific period of time when your home or employment have been impacted by a natural disaster – this would include federally declared disaster areas for issues like wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, volcano eruptions or hurricanes. NOTE: You are not required to send in paperwork for disaster assistance. Please call us at 800-561-4567 to discuss options.
  • Repayment Plan – A payment arrangement over a specific period of time designed to reinstate a delinquent loan to a current status. Plans are typically no more than 3-6 months in length.
  • Forbearance Plan – A payment arrangement of reduced or zero monthly payments for a specified period of time. Forbearance plans are temporary and are designed to lead to a permanent solution such as a Repayment Plan or Loan Modification.
  • Loan Modification – A permanent change to the terms of the original mortgage that may include one or more of the following: Interest rate change (either fixed or temporary), capitalization of payments and/or fees and costs, term extension or a deferral of a portion of the loan. NOTE: Loan modifications are available for both 1st and 2nd mortgages.
  • Pre-Foreclosure / Short Sale – An option that allows a Borrower to avoid foreclosure by selling the property for less than the total amount owed on the account (subject to agreement by CMS), resulting in the release of the CMS’s lien on the home.
  • Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure – An option that allows a Borrower to voluntarily deed a property to the Lender in order to avoid foreclosure. In return, the Borrower agrees to vacate the property on an agreed upon date leaving it in “broom swept” condition.

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In order to be considered for any of the loss mitigation options, we need recent documentation regarding your current financial circumstances. In order to properly assess your personal situation, we need to understand your intent with the property, what led you to needing assistance and your ability to either maintain payments in the future or show you cannot sustain the mortgage going forward.

Below are the documents required to conduct the review. Our goal is to assist you with the information you need to successfully complete your application for assistance. Please download or print out copies of the items below and spend a few minutes reviewing our Loss Mitigation FAQ section to avoid some common issues when applying for assistance:

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Loss Mitigation FAQ

Let’s face it, it’s never fun to fill out paperwork, especially during difficult times. And, we realize that requesting mortgage assistance is certainly no exception. For the best opportunity to move your application through the process, we strongly recommend you review the different sections below to make sure that the information you submit is complete and concise. Our goal is to help you submit a complete application the first time!

Request for Mortgage Assistance (“RMA”) Common Issues:

  • All individual applicants must complete the entire RMA document.
  • If your pay is not spread over a 12 month period (Ex – Teacher pay not paid during the summer) make sure to document that in the income section of the RMA.
  • If you receive inconsistent income (Ex- bonuses, commissions, shift differential, etc) make sure to explain the amount and frequency in the income section of the RMA. If you need more room, please provide details in a letter of explanation.
  • Select specific hardship on Page 2 or provide detailed hardship letter.
  • List all properties, other than subject property, on Page 3 (If N/A, list None).
  • Complete all income and expenses sections on Pages 3 and 4 (If N/A list as such).
  • All applicants must sign and date the RMA with today’s date (Do Not Send an Old Application).

Form 4506T Common Issues:

  • Use only the version provided on our website, other versions will be rejected.
  • Check the “Signatory Attest” box on the lower left side of the document.
  • Legibly complete the name, social security number and address as listed on your prior years’ tax return.
  • Include an original, handwritten signature and use current date when signing the bottom.

Income Documentation Common Issues:

  • If you receive a paycheck, provide 30 days of the most recent and consecutive paystubs.
  • If you receive any sort of benefit income (Social Security, Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, etc.) you must include BOTH a recent award letter and 2 months’ bank statements showing proof of receipt of benefit income.
  • All rental agreements should be current, active and signed by all parties subject to the agreement along with 2 recent and consecutive bank statements showing proof of receipt of rent. Most recent monthly mortgage statements for non-CMS loans must be provided for all rental properties.
  • If you choose to include child support and/or alimony as income sources, you must provide a recorded court order that includes the duration, frequency and award amount or payment history from the county, along with 2 months’ recent bank statements showing proof of receipt.
  • Self - employed income must include a DETAILED, recent profit and loss statement that covers at minimum the most recent 90 day period and must be signed and dated along with both business and personal most recent year’s tax returns that include all pages and must be signed and dated.
  • Bank statements must include ALL pages that include account holder and bank name

Other Common Issues:

  • Make sure all documentation provided is legible.
  • It is not necessary to send in duplicate copies of documents previously provided.
  • If you have an HOA, make sure the amount listed is monthly, not annual amount.

If you have a question or situation not covered in the “Common Issues” sections above, please call us to discuss your situation and we will do what we can to assist you with the application process. Please call us at 800-561-4567 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm Eastern Time.

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Submit Your Documents

Visit the My Loans and click on "Mortgage Assistance Portal" to upload required documents to start the application process. If you prefer to submit your application through other means, you can submit through one of the below:

Within 5 business days, CMS will review what you have submitted and will let you know if your application is complete or if items are still needed. Once your application is confirmed complete, CMS will review you application and provide you a decision within 30 calendar days.